About Baby R


The little guy is not so little any more. He continues to be in the 90th+ percentile. In other words: He’s a third of his mom in weight already.

The Force is strong with our little Padawan.


His Nicknames

  1. 1.Shmoo (short for Shmoopie)

  2. 2.Bear & Bärchen (German)

  3. 3.Lukie Pooh

  4. 4.Stinker

Astrological Signs

  1. 1.Aquarius (Western)

  2. 2.Ox (Eastern)

Music he likes

  1. 1.Lost Soundtrack

  2. 2.The Lumberjack Song (Monty Python)

Most annoying habits

  1. 1.Mama addiction

  2. 2.Making a mess

  3. 3. Why only 3 habits!?

Best traits

  1. 1.Solid sleeping habits: 13 hrs straight - well before daycare...

  2. 2.Adorability (if he’s in a good mood)

Lucas (“Luke”) Jayden Rosendahl

Little “R”