These are the things I like:

  1. Tae Kwon Do - Great exercise, good conditioning for mind & body. I train at Il Do Tae Kwon Do with Grandmaster Kang (9th degree black belt). “Never give up!”

  2. The TV show Lost - Great mystery, extremely engaging, amazing writing and story line. Check out the Lost Bible: Lostpedia. BTW: Anybody up for joining the Dharma Initiative???

  3. Movies - Can’t say I’m into artsy, foreign, or independent films, but if it’s a flick that cost millions of dollars, has aliens, explosions, nudity and/or expensive special effects, it’s a start.

  4. Food - Who doesn’t like food??? I prefer Sushi, Asian, Italian, or Indian cuisine, but I’m generally open to a lot of things. (If it’s not fried or loaded with MSG or saturated fat, that is...)

  5. Diet Pepsi - I don’t know what it is, but this is the sweet nectar of life itself. And it pretty much goes with everything. Did I mention I like caffeine?

  6. Humor - Dry please. See for inspirational examples...

  7. Technology and gadgets. Need I say big screen and iPhone? So yes, I’m a big Apple fan. Love my iPad, but also my Barnes & Noble nook.

  8. I admit to having gotten hooked on Facebook. You can also find me on Twitter.