Is your Mac going to sleep when it shouldn’t? Keep it awake with CaffeinateMe! – Learn more

CSV Merger 

A common chore for many dealing with statistical analysis: exporting data from SQL or other applications to CSV and then having to merge files before importing them into an analytics package. Let CSV Merger make life easier – Learn more

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Many of us work on teams with folks in different time zones and struggle to communicate, schedule meetings, etc. Sound familiar? TeamTimes can help! – Learn more

Big Countdown Timer 

For folks who facilitate meetings and need to keep work groups and exercises timeboxed. – Lean more

Custom Chime (watchOS!)

Get control over the chimes on your Apple Watch and check out our first watchOS project. – Learn more

Custom Chime notification

DMG Cleaner 

Annoyed with having to clean up disk images and DMG files cluttering your download folder? Fret not – an elegant solution is within reach. – Learn more

DMG Cleaner

Travel PackList 

The perfect tool for everyone who wants to be organized about what to pack and what to do ahead of a trip. – Learn more


Do you own various external drives or even a NAS for backups and data storage? Do you have more and more data that keeps consuming more space every week? DriveTracker allows you to track free space on those drives and also helps predict how much time you have left, before you’re running out of space. – Learn more

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Add Tracking Code for Google Analytics

Need help adding Google Analytics tracking code to manually coded or generated html pages? This easy tool is going to make your life much easier. – Learn more

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