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Just for Fun: Local Time

Summer time is travel time! Confused about time zones, time offsets and what time it is at your destination? Check out this free little utility – Local Time!

New Release: CaffeinateMe 1.5

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re excited to announce that CaffeinateMe can now also be run from the menu bar (in addition to as a “normal” app)! Use the new preferences to pick which mode you like best.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of version 1.5!

Mac360 Article about Big Countdown Timer

Mac360Quick shout-out to the folks at Mac360 who recently wrote a nice post entitled “Every Mac needs a Big Countdown Timer“. Very cool. And as it so happens, most of the new features requested are already on the way, pending Apple’s review process… 🙂

More on the app here.

New: DMG Cleaner!

For years I’ve been annoyed with DMG files cluttering my new-sign-ID-33314Downloads folder. I’ve just downloaded and finished using an installer and now just want to unmount the disk image. Why can’t MacOS just delete the corresponding DMG file automatically when I do that? Why do I always have to manually take care of both the disk image and the DMG file?

Well, I’ve solved the problem myself with DMG Cleaner. Sometimes it’s the little utilities that make life easier. It’s now finally available in the App Store! Learn more.

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