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New: DMG Cleaner!

For years I’ve been annoyed with DMG files cluttering my new-sign-ID-33314Downloads folder. I’ve just downloaded and finished using an installer and now just want to unmount the disk image. Why can’t MacOS just delete the corresponding DMG file automatically when I do that? Why do I always have to manually take care of both the disk image and the DMG file?

Well, I’ve solved the problem myself with DMG Cleaner. Sometimes it’s the little utilities that make life easier. It’s now finally available in the App Store! Learn more.

New: Big Countdown Timer

new-sign-ID-33314Recently, I was helping facilitate a workshop and after having previously seen how well it worked to have a big countdown timer on the screen during group exercises and breakout sessions, I turned to the Mac App Store to find a good app for that very purpose. But I couldn’t find any! And so the idea, as easy as it is, was born: make a nice, big, easy-to-use timer app for Mac. And here it is: Big Countdown Timer.

I hope it’ll be useful for the meeting facilitators, trainers, Agilists and Lean Coffee folks out there.

Thank you, namaste and good luck! 🙂

PriceTracker for Amazon 1.0.3 released

updateThis is a small update to PriceTracker for Amazon that enhances the auto price refresh in the background and compatibility with system hibernation (for all those who like to let their busy system sleep once in a while).

New Release: PriceTracker for Amazon

What can I say, we’ve been busy enhancing PriceTracker for Amazon already.update

The main changes of the 1.0.1 release are:

  • Added support for Amazon UK, Canada, and Germany
  • Added undo support
  • Chart improvements
  • Improved error handling
  • Small fixes and enhancements

Release 1.0.2 introduced:

  • Sharing of items
  • FAQs and info related to ASINs and ISBN-10’s

Don’t own it yet? Head over to the Mac OS App Store!

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