Does your Mac sometimes “go to sleep” when it really shouldn’t, e.g. during a system backup or when watching a movie? Are you annoyed with having to keep it “awake” or tweaking energy settings all the time? With CaffeinateMe, you can make sure your system is active for critical activities.

Key Features:
  • Keep your system active for a specific time period or indefinitely (until you cancel)
  • Ability to keep your screen activ
  • Can run as a “normal” app with main window, from the menu bar, or both
  • Small, unintrusive utility
  • Integrated with the macOS notification center
  • Visual timer in the dock
  • Launch on startup

Version 1.5.2 is now available! (8/6/17). Changes include:
  • Added indicator to menu bar icon when the app is active
  • Support for dark menu bar and Dock




Questions about CaffeinateMe? – Check out the FAQs!