Do you own several hard disks and/or a network attached storage (NAS) device? Do you wonder when you’ll run out of space as your data is constantly growing? DriveTracker can help you track drive usage over time and it allows you to calculate expected remaining life based on past usage and a user-definable threshold.

main window with new buttonKey Features:
  • Track drive usage over time
  • Automatic refresh every 24 hours
  • User-definable threshold (max % used)
  • Calculation of remaining life based on threshold and usage growth history
  • Usage history and graph
  • Integration with Mac OS X Notification Center
Version 1.0.4 is now available! (12/5/15)– Changes include:
  • Improved handling of Time Machine drives.
  • Added preference to consider only a certain # of months of history in calculation of remaining life.
  • Compatibility with El Capitan.