As long-term Mac users, we believe that the Mac is the most user-friendly and stable platform for people to “get things done” – while still having fun and enjoying the journey.

Every now and then we run into situations where we can’t do what we want with our Macs or think “There must be an easier way…”. Those are the moments when new product ideas are born and that inspire us to turn challenges into easy solutions.

Check our products and fun stuff to see what we’ve already created.

Feedback/comments/product ideas? – Please let us know via our contact form. We’re always happy to hear from our users.

The Face behind the Name

head shotRené Rosendahl started his development career in Europe and has been developing on various platforms in several languages. He rekindled his love for development on the Mac in 2012 and has been developing products ever since, recently expanding into iOS and watchOS. Now living in southern California, he enjoys – besides technology and Apple products – exercising and various outdoor activities that run the gamut from running and hiking to skiing and scuba diving.

You can also find René on Twitter: rrosendahl.

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