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CSV Merger

The problem is simple: You have multiple CSV files of the same structure (e.g. from running SQL queries or other exports), but you need to combine them before you can process and analyze them in Excel, R, or an analytics tool.

CSV Merger does the merging for you and removes redundant headers as well. If you want to remove “NULL” values from columns, you can do that as well.

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  1. Xavier

    I just bough CSV Merger on the Mac App Store…
    noticed that it wouldn’t take my .tsv files (which are like CSV files but with tabulation separated values instead of commas)
    is there a quick fix for that ?
    all the best,

    • Rene Rosendahl

      You could try replacing the tab characters with commas (e.g. via BBEdit) and saving the file as CSV. (You might have to think about enclosing fields in quotes in case they contain commas.)
      Hope this helps!

  2. Mark

    Hey. Would be great if you could add drag and drop support for Mac?

  3. James Anderson

    Just bought CSV Merger and love how simple you’ve made the terminal command (something Apple *used* to do with power server tools). I’m merging hundreds of data files produced by a bacterial image analysis application and I assumed that all of the files would be the same. However, it seems that some have a different number of columns than others (say15 out 100). I would be very helpful if your app could identify the number of columns associated with each file. That way I can decide how to handle it. For example, I could remove those files from the merge. Or I would know exactly which files to try and adjust to match the rest.

    • Rene Rosendahl

      Thank you for the feedback! We’ll take this into account for the next version of CSV Merger!

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