There’s a lot to learn for Product Managers. Often, we read blog posts, articles, and books, but when it comes to applying that knowledge in daily work life, we can’t remember the details.

This is why the Product Cards were created, so you can have a quick, practical, accessible resource to get the product management knowledge when you need it.

Backed by seasoned product pros, you will discover 50 key tactics for launching delightful products, handling uncertainty, and building a successful product management career. Each of the 50 beautifully designed cards provides concise, actionable insights for real-world situations, covering pivotal techniques and frameworks in Strategy, Discovery, Prioritization, Communication, and Product Sense. For those who want to dive even deeper, each card links to additional information for further research.

Use the product cards to…

  • Deepen your understanding of product management
  • Get a fresh perspective on an issue
  • Get unstuck when facing a challenge
  • Learn the most important tools of the product management trade

This iOS app is available in the App Store. Note that this app is only available outside the US at the moment.

For PMs or aspiring PMs located in the US, please check out the physical deck here.