Travel PackList is the perfect tool for everyone who wants to be organized about what to pack and what to do ahead of a trip. It lets you quickly organize things, so you don’t forget to pack or do something important. That way you can focus on enjoying your next trip instead of spending time worrying about forgetting something.

This application lets you create a common list of items you normally pack as well as templates of types of trips you usually take. You can then generate a new, specific trip based on one or multiple templates and then modify it as needed. Once complete, Travel PackList allows you to print a packing list which will guide you through packing and preparation for your trip.

Version 1.0.5 is now available! (2/23/18):

  • Export open To Do items to macOS Reminders.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for adding new items.
  • Minor fixes and UI updates.


Question about how to use Travel PackList? – Check out the FAQs!