As a runner, you care about how you’re doing every month: How often did you run? How many miles? How does that compare to the previous months? Oh, and when do you need to replace my shoes!? (Don’t we all love to shop for new running shoes?)

Runs Stats gives you all this information based on Apple’s HealthKit info, so it’s perfect for anyone tracking their runs with the Apple Watch or many of the popular running and fitness apps (see the FAQs).

Run Stats allows you to…

  • Track the number of your runs and mileage over time
  • See your monthly average
  • Know how your current month is shaping up
  • Forecast the current month’s miles
  • View your pace
  • Track mileage on your main running shoes
  • Know when to replace your shoes.

How does Run Stats calculate your shoe life span? See our FAQs.

Happy running!