Do I need a Run Stats watchOS app or carry my phone when running to use RunStats?

Nope. Run Stats uses the data stored in Apple’s HealthKit. Most modern running and fitness apps – both on the iPhone and Apple Watch – automatically integrate with HealthKit and save their data there. So no matter if you record your runs with the Workout app on the watch, Nike Run Club, or similar apps, your data will be available to Run Stats.

How does RunStats calculate the life span of my running shoes?

Here are the steps to set it up and what it does with the data you provide:

Shoe info
  • Enable the feature.
  • You tell Run Stats when you started using your shoes.
  • You specify what percentage of your runs you do in your primary shoes.
    • Run Stats assumes you have a primary pair of running shoes. Example: I have a primary pair of road running shoes I use 85% of the time. (On occasion I go trail running with different shoes.)
  • You specify how long you want to use your shoes for. (The common recommended distance before replacing your shoes is about 400 miles.)
  • With this information provided, Run Stats will keep track of your runs since you started using your primary shoes and calculate where you are in the expected life span of the shoes!

Happy running!